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Google Suggest To Become Default, Google Says

Google just announced they will start to roll out Google Suggest as a default feature for the Google.com homepage over the next week. For instance, when you enter “presid” with Suggest, below the search box choices like “presidential polls, “presidential election” and more will pop up, to be selected and then searched for using e.g. the arrow and return keys.

Already, besides the Google Labs experiment which started in 2004, auto-complete features are available on the homepage of Google China*. As I’ve never been a regular user of Google Suggest I’m curious if that feature will be useful or annoying in the long run during daily usage. Google is convinced that it 1) helps formulate queries, 2) reduces spelling errors, and 3) saves keystrokes.

Also see the Google Suggest FAQ.

[Thanks Martin Porcheron!]

*Among other Google places. In China, the suggestions also work as transliterator from Pinyin to Chinese, though that’s not the case with the main Google Suggest.

[By Philipp Lenssen | Origin: Google Suggest To Become Default, Google Says | Comments]

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