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WP Super Cache 0.6.7

WP Super Cache is a plugin for WordPress that creates cached copies of your blog posts and pages, making your site much faster to serve. It’s also ideal for coping with sudden surges of traffic.

I released a new version of the plugin this morning. This is a bugfix release:

  • Mike Beggs contributed a number of changes:
    1. Better support for Win32 NTFS
    2. Better use of the “Vary” header so proxy servers won’t cache the wrong page. If you see leakage of comment details on posts this will fix that problem.
    3. WP-Cron handles cleanup of expired cache files in the background now.
    4. Disable mod_deflate if it’s running as it sometimes tries to compress gzipped files. Remove wp-content/cache/.htaccess for that file to be updated.
  • Lazy and Otto both recommended using get_comment() instead of the depreciated get_commentdata()
  • A basic “uninstall” function has been added to remove some of the files the plugin creates. It’s called when you deactivate the plugin.
  • PHP running as a CGI doesn’t support apache_request_headers() so that’s been added too.
  • And I almost forgot, the admin page received a slight makeover.

Get the plugin from the download page!

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