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Cloudmark Kills Spam On The (gs) Grid-Service

Cloudmark Logo
Hopefully you’ve noticed the decrease in spam in your (gs) Grid-Service account and its MailProtect system. The fine folks over at Cloudmark have an impressive spam killer that Nokia, Virgin Mobile, Vodaphone, Sprint/Nextel, Earthlink, Comcast and now (mt) Media Temple use.

Originally we looked into Cloudmark for our Grid successor, the (cs) Cluster-Server, but after an impressive evaluation showing better catch rates and decreased false positives, our CEO ordered its immediate deployment into our existing MailProtect system. One (gs)/(cs) engineer had it installed and running in 9 hours with zero down time for (gs) Grid-Service users.

That’s one of the many benefits of not buying a technology but building a system, like the (gs), in our own (mt) Labs. Our team has the unique ability to rapidly improve services, like MailProtect, with Cloudmark’s Spam killer.

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